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2024/2025 SDHEA
Institutional Memberships

Institutional membership provides a direct way to align your institution with the SDHEA mission, vision, values & strategic plan. Current Institutional Members believe that membership serves as a unique benefit to employees and shows a dedicated commitment to meeting their professional development needs.


Providing an Institutional Membership to your employees and graduate students offers numerous benefits including providing them with valuable resources and opportunities for professional networking and growth as well as:

Unlimited employee and graduate student access to our webinars and newsletters.

Free job postings on our website and social platforms.

Access to a comprehensive network of higher education professionals in South Dakota.

Networking and informal professional development opportunities.

Discounted pricing for our annual conference.

Membership in the premier association devoted to higher education in South Dakota.

Professional development opportunities for every stage of a career in higher education.

2024/2025 SDHEA
Institutional Memberships

The 2024-2025 (September 1, 2024 - August 31, 2025) annual institutional membership cost is determined by the Fall 2023 full-time enrolled student population at your institution.

View our current costs for your institution below. Click your population to have a quote sent to you.

8000+ FTE Student 2024/2025 Institutional Membership

1-499 FTE Student 2024/2025 Institutional Membership

3500-7999 FTE Student 2024/2025 Institutional Membership

2000-3499 FTE Student 2024/2025 Institutional Membership

500-1999 FTE Student 2024/2025 Institutional Membership

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